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Do you want to experience more joy, inspiration and peace?

Are you ready to let go of your fears and embrace your life's purpose?

Are you an actor looking for a way to clear fear & feel more powerful in your career? Actors, scroll down to see the brand new series, Emotional Healing for Actors at the bottom of this page!

Release the pain of the past so you can get unstuck and move forward in your career.

Feel lighter, more positive and present - forgive more easily.

Learn how to clear your body of energetic blocks and transform your emotional state so that you can feel clear, calm and confident - even when faced with challenges.

Transform your relationships, be your authentic self, increase your self-esteem and reclaim your personal power so that you can live your life's purpose and manifest your dreams.

I will listen to you without judgment, help you overcome self-doubt and self-sabotage and live more fully.

I offer the following services to assist you in your process of healing and transformation:
* Empowerment Coaching to Increase Your Confidence & Increase Your Success
* Confidential, open-minded counseling & consulting
* Hypnotherapy/ hypnosis
* Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
* Hands-on energy healing (Spiritual Healing) and chakra balancing
* Guided meditation and creative visualization for relaxation and manifestation
* Personalized programs for transforming negative belief and behavioral patterns
* Stress relief techniques to relax and revitalize your mind and body
* Powerful exercises in creating new possibilities for yourself, your relationships and your life
* Pathways to discovering your life purpose
* Time management & goal setting systems to help you get more done in less time and reduce overwhelm!
* Spiritual & practical steps to heal conflict in your relationships
* Continuous support in fulfilling your intentions

TESTIMONIALS: "I started my day focused and more confident than I have in a while and gained a new client in 45 mins. That is not a joke. How awesome is that? To put that in perspective I haven't added a client in 2 months. Thank you again!" ~ R. Smith

"Once I hired Jaime, I experienced a quantum leap of miracles. My investment in her was the wisest decision I've made in supporting my dreams. I've read countless books on marketing, but none of them helped me examine why I wasn't seeing the success I desired. Jaime helped me get down to the root of my belief systems and see where some of my own limiting thoughts kept stalling my movement. Through her incredible healing sessions, Jaime opened me up to a radiant realm of possibility. As my awareness expanded, so did my opportunities. Jaime is the perfect coach for entrepreneurs who ache to move beyond their current or past blocks and step into the life they deserve. She is a mentor on so many levels. I love her with my full heart!!" ~ Amanda Kimmerly

"Jaime is this amazing magic maker who has helped so many of my clients break out of their crazy-making mental ruts." ~ Dallas Travers, The Actors Advocate

NEW: Downloadable Emotional Healing for Actors Segments
Releasing Your Fear Through the Power of Tapping:

AVAILABLE NOW: Download any of the 24 individual segments to clear the fear off a specific issue, or download the entire series and receive a bonus segment!

CLICK HERE to Learn More and to Purchase Your Selected Segment(s)

1. Tapping for Audition Anxiety
2. Tapping to Overcome Self-Sabotage
3. Tapping to Clear the Fear of Success
4. Tapping to Clear the Fear of Rejection
5. Tapping to Overcome Procrastination
6. Tapping for Confidence
7. Tapping to Clear the Fear of Securing/Getting Representation
8. Tapping to Clear the Fear of Losing Your Representation
9. Tapping to Clear the Fear of Changing Your Representation
10. Tapping to Clear the Fear of Crying on Cue
11. Tapping to Release Jealousy
12. Tapping to Clear the Fear of Love Scenes
13. Tapping to Clear the Fear of Marketing Yourself
14. Tapping to Clear the Fear of Networking with Industry Professionals
15. Tapping to Clear the Fear of Not Making a Living as an Actor
16. Tapping for Self Acceptance
17. Tapping to Clear the Fear of Running Late
18. Tapping to Improve Your Memory
19. Tapping To Clear The Fear Of Being Interviewed
20. Tapping to Clear the Fear of Red Carpet Events
21. Tapping to Clear Distraction & Increase Focus
22. Tapping to Clear the Fear of Contract Negotiations
23. Tapping to Overcome the Fear of Running out of Time
24. Tapping to Clear Attachment to Outcomes

Bonus segment upon purchase of Emotional Healing for Actors Series:
Tapping to Clear Fear of Moving to the Next Level of Your Career

Each Emotional Healing for Actors Segment ONLY: $12.95
Emotional Healing for Actors Series (plus bonus segment): $245.80
(a savings of $65.00 plus bonus segment)

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And, after you download a segment, please contact me if you have any questions!


Jaime Kalman, Certified Hypnotherapist & Empowerment Specialist

Jaime Kalman is a Certified Empowerment Specialist with extensive training and clinical experience in Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques, NLP, Spiritual Healing & Counseling and Life Coaching. Combining these transformational methods with her 20+ years of experience in the entertainment industry as both an actor and television host, she created the video series, Emotional Healing for Actors to offer a power-house of practical and rapidly effective, energy healing and stress relief techniques to actors. This series is dedicated to supporting the dreams and self-esteems of actors everywhere so that they can embrace their gifts and share them with the world!

"You can find me on set in a private room tapping before I shoot or a bathroom before an audition- just tapping away. It's a technique that seriously works! It's addictive, feels silly sometimes and is so fun!" ~ Natalie W.,Actress