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Jaime Kalman is a Certified Hypnotherapist & Empowerment Specialist helping people increase clarity & confidence, feel more powerful, have happier, deeper relationships with others, and most importantly - with themselves. Her healing practice, Inspired Healing and Awareness, was created with the intention of nurturing and inspiring transformation, authenticity, and healing in others. Jaime is the LA Intuitive Living Examiner for the online publication, Examiner.com, where she writes weekly articles about living in your highest awareness in Los Angeles. She is a certified hypnotherapist through the National Guild of Hypnotists and a certified spiritual healer through Healing in America, the US-affiliate of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers, the most prominent healing organization in Europe. She is a member of Healing in America, and is actively creating healing circles in hospitals, clinics and rehab centers in Los Angeles. She also incorporates EFT (energy tapping) in her practice, providing people relief from physical and emotional discomfort. She offers compassionate and confidential consultation, guided meditation, hands-on energy balancing, Emotional Freedom Techniques, relaxing and transformative hypnosis, and creates an atmosphere of integrity,love, inspiration and possibility. She helps her clients to illuminate the blind spots that are at the source of their issues and supports them in creating access to breakthroughs that allow for extraordinary transformation and healing in their lives.

Jaime has always felt drawn to helping others move out of their pain and feel better. Growing up in a co-dependent family dynamic where she experienced financial and emotional struggle, she became fascinated with the power of the mind and the idea that Spirit could overcome any limitation. Her sensitivity and need for expression drove her into the performing arts and writing, as well as the realm of psychology and energy healing. Having overcome and completely transformed the pain she experienced as the result of her mother leaving when she was a teenager, low self-esteem, toxic relationship patterns, a 17 year smoking addiction, an unhealthy drinking habit, and a miscarriage, among other life lessons, Jaime chose to see all of life's moments as opportunities to heal, grow and guide others who wish to do the same.

Jaime works with the whole person: the spirit and each individual's unique purpose, the higher, lower and subconscious mind, emotional responses, and energetic disruptions in the physical body. Hypnosis may be used for habit cessation, weight-loss, freedom from performance anxiety (including public speaking and stage fright), confidence-enhancement, freedom from emotional stress or trauma, past and current life regression, and spiritual awareness. Energy balancing can complement medical therapies, enabling the body to better utilize treatments. It can also soothe, comfort and relax the person receiving, thus allowing them to face their challenges more calmly and with awareness.  She has also created the workshop, Acting on Purpose, which she specifically designed for actors to help them overcome self-sabotage, procrastination, and identify limiting beliefs that are blocking their artistic freedom and success.  She teaches this workshop at private acting studios throughout Hollywood, California to support artists in realizing their dreams with authenticity and joy. She shares inspirational insights on the internet show, Motivational Chat, which she co-hosts with John Michael Ferrari.


"Be the change you wish to see in the world" ~ Mahatma Gandhi


Jaime is absolutely amazing! I first went to her about a year ago when I was suffering with a hernia. I was told by a doctor that I needed surgery and that it would cost me around $3,000. I told Jaime my situation and she was so kind to offer her services to me. I had never tried natural healing, but decided to give it a shot. She worked with me and I haven't had any problems with my hernia since. No really I haven't! I continue to see her now and recommend her to everyone. She is such a positive force of absolute radiant light who brings so much brightness, clarity and peacefulness into my life. Jaime definitely has a gift and I'm so grateful to her for sharing it with me. - Vonet Woods

Through Jaime's loving and generous approach, I have learned to silence the fear and embrace my personal destiny. - Tamara Connolly

Jaime has been a beautiful ray of light in my life. Going to her sessions, she does amazing work with your Chakra points and energy healing. I left her sessions feeling revitalized and spiritually refreshed! (MB)

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing work you've been doing with me. I have been seeking for help in so many places and you are by far the one who I can honestly say made a noticeable change in me. After a session with you, one cannot only feel amazing from the energy work that has been done, but also feel confident that they can walk back out with a set of tools that will allow them to confront life and themselves with a much better understanding and ways to work through any difficult situation. I feel so grateful you have been put in my path as I never learned so much about myself until now! Your warmth, kindness and loving ways are infectious. Such a delight to be around! I thank you for your generosity. I appreciate you and love you. Sincerely, Najet Lyon

My dear Jaime,thank you soooo much! It was a much needed healing on so many levels, I can't even tell you. You so beautifully expressed these things that go on inside me that I can't even put in words and its so helpful to have this wonderful (and beautiful) mirror there... so loving and caring. It feels so safe to release all that stuff in your presence and you are truely guided and blessed with this gift in so many ways. You make a huge difference. I love you!!! Ines Beyer

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